Christmas Hampers & Gifts

Christmas Hampers & Gifts

What better to write about in the current heatwave than some fabulous new Christmas hampers and gifts! Having said that we know for both our corporate and private customers it is never too early to start planning gifts. Our fantastic new range covers all bases from spectacular to the downright cute.

I have personally selected the contents of each and every hamper and gift with one overriding deciding factor – would I want to receive this myself? I spent a large part of last November and December having a good look at hampers available to buy and was underwhelmed by what I saw in almost every case. Very tired, uninspiring selections of products that potentially would annoy the recipient, rather than bring surprise and joy. There are only so many packets you need in your larder! Look closely at the actual products, the provenance, the weights and the actual selection. Would this be something you would happily munch your way through or will you be sending your friends, customers and relatives a pile of unwanted, unappetising products destined for the backs of cupboards and eventually the bin!

So with this in mind we have developed a range of hampers and gifts that have passed these criteria. All contain products that we here at Dukeshill love. The entire hamper and gift range for Christmas 2019 is filled with Dukeshill own brand products with the exception of the drink and cheese. Only the very best get to wear the Dukeshill brand, most are bespoke to us, and some are made to our own original recipes. For the cheese we only buy direct from small producers whose cheeses are outstandingly good. We have been so lucky to have Tanners Wines, an independent wine merchant, advising us on our hamper wines and this year we are thrilled as we have secured some fabulous wines and vintages. For the wine connoisseur we have gone truly top end with our Truly Magnificent Hamper! All are beautifully packaged in either lined wicker baskets with leather straps or tasteful gift boxes adorned with grosgrain ribbon.

Lastly our new and exciting range categorically cannot be bought cheaper as individual items plus basket or gift box. We make no excuses for creating hampers with a reputation for high quality and sensible pricing, and I am confident you will still find that’s a surprisingly good deal! If you don’t believe us see what our customers say – all Trustpilot verified:

“The selection of contents was the best in any hamper I have previously bought.”

“The food is of the highest quality. This Christmas, we ordered a hamper from Dukeshill and also had a gift hamper from friends from x. Dukeshill was superior quality to x on every single item. Hands down win for Dukeshill.”

“Contents were very good value for money. Much better contents than x!”

“Everything in the hamper was beautiful, especially the ham”

“Excellent contents and value. Very well presented and a better range of contents at the price than those offered by others, including some national companies. The recipients were delighted!!”

“Family in Scotland were delighted to receive this for Christmas; a beautiful hamper full of quality goodies. What’s not to like?!”

“I have sent Christmas Hampers to my family and friends for several years now, purchased from different well known UK retailers and this year Dukeshill have been rated the best so far. Many thanks”

“Had a hamper sent to me from relatives last Christmas. Unlike hampers from other well known companies which I won’t mention, I enjoyed all the contents. I am my hoping my relatives send me one again from this company!”

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